Telephone therapy has been a common form of therapy for years, because it is easy and convenient, especially in rural northern areas where our internet is inconsistent!Phone therapy is cost-effective, efficient, and less intrusive than face to face therapy. Some clients who feel shame and stigma may prefer not to partake in face to face therapy for fear of repercussions, especially in small towns and for those in positions of power. Telephone therapy is easier for those with child care needs and employment conflicts. If you do not have rural internet you can just call in and benefit from support. Those with body image concerns or who have suffered racial discrimination may prefer phone therapy because they have been hurt before.

Phone therapy is beneficial for clients who have depression, anxiety, parenting issues, life transitions, and stress. Being able to hear the therapist’s empathetic responses is a benefit of telephone therapy over email. It is often advantageous to begin the first few sessions supplementing email or live text therapy with some phone therapy, especially when matters require more explanation or time. You can speak to a therapist from most locations, as long as you ensure you are not overheard so that you can be free to speak openly. Transportation to the office can be avoided and often this is cited as decreasing the stress associated with obtaining help. You don’t have to prepare, dress up, or cancel if you are sick because often phoning in can still be accomplished. It is easy to schedule an appointment and continue care if you are away or working. Having your therapist only a phone call away can be comforting because contact is easy from anywhere you may be. Talking about private matters can be easier when no one can see your face, because many of us don’t like to be emotional with others.

Please pick up the phone today and call us so we can begin to work towards your goals together.