Video chats can help you to understand your therapist because you can see them, while allowing them to get more meaning behind your words from your body language. We use a secure server to ensure video in encrypted to keep your confidentiality, and many clients enjoy this form of therapy because they have more privacy than in face to face therapy where they may be seen coming and going from the office. It is important to find a spot where they can enjoy privacy either in their home or office, so no one is listening in so you can feel free of sharing without reserve.

Many people enjoy the convenience of online therapy because it saves them the drive to the office. Clients need not worry about the stigma around therapy if they take part from the comfort of their home. Online scheduling is easy and convenient when rescheduling or changing appointments. Shorter sessions may be available online, and it convenient for those with health issues that keep them at home. Often clients who have triggers in town can avoid them by staying at home, focusing their energy on the agenda for therapy rather than the commute. The anonymity is a benefit to those who don’t wish their partner to know they are seeking therapy, perhaps when there is an imbalance of power or even abuse in the home. The therapist can take the time to form answers and send information in attachments quickly in print. The benefits of collecting the print version of your interactions during therapy are they aid in memory and in the recording of your progress.

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