Spirit Lake Therapy specializes in treating children, adults, and families who have experienced trauma. Our therapy program begins with several assessments to help us determine your strengths and identify areas of treatment based on your personal goals.

How Treatment Works

Trauma focused cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on replacing negative thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of behaviours with positive, strength-based skills.

What We Do

We work with you to teach you helpful stress-management skills, relationship skills, parenting skills, and communication skills. When you are ready, we explore together the event(s) that caused the trauma in a safe space. Psychoeducation is provided, and ways to manage challenges explored. With practice and experimentation we will help you replace troublesome thoughts and behaviors with proactive, positive, solutions. Therapy is collaborative, and assistance is provided to match you with opportunities best suited to your potential in all areas of your life.

Types of Therapy Available

Jenny offers email, live chat (interactive email), video conferencing
(VSEE), telephone, and in person individual, couples, family or group therapy to ensure that those in remote locations can access services. Cyber therapy is ideally suited for those who have experienced trauma because we can help in the comfort and safety of your home.