Strength Based Therapy

Do More, Be More, Connect More With Strength-Based Therapy!


‘Tis the season’ for New Year’s Resolutions. As we look to 2017 we often think of a fresh start to do more, be more present, and really enhance the depth of our connections so we engage more fully with those around us. We also use this time of year to think of ways to optimize our performance at school, work, and in our relationships. So many decide in January to begin to eat healthier, get more active, and even lose those last few pounds.

Focus On Things We Can Change

Those of us in colder areas also know that we have time when the weather doesn’t cooperate with our outdoor projects, so we often turn inward and this can be positive if we focus on things we can change and self-improvement, rather than the negatives in our situations or in others that we really have no power over. We may even wonder if we will be able to stick with our New Year’s Resolutions this year, and we can remember that our ability to survive frigid temperatures in sometimes remote locations is testimony to the fact that a human can do almost anything for 100 days.

What Can Strength-Based Therapy Do For Me?

You can learn new tools for coping with emotions, increase resilience in stress, and enhance your relationship and communication skills to help you excel at work and play. Together, we can problem solve and explore your options so you can choose a course of action to see some changes by spring. Timing is everything so why not decide to improve now!

Start With A Strength Assessment

We use an interesting tool called the Clifton Strengths Assessments to help our clients discover their own special combination of strengths because we know that people who use their strengths are six times more likely to be engaged at work which is the first step to better performance and achievement.


Why Spirit Lake Therapy For Strength-Based Therapy?

At Spirit Lake Therapy we enjoy helping you realize your goals to do and be more. We offer the latest in strength testing to help you determine strategies for change based on your unique personality. Whether you are energized by social situations, solitude, or competition- we can tailor your therapy to suit your personality.


Other Ways We Provide Care

We provide a full range of mental health services and offer many ways to get help; including, phone, text, video therapy, as well as in office, and home visits. Call us at 877-718-4372 and mention this “New Year’s Blog” to receive 25% off the session rate until winter is over.