Family Therapy Counseling With Cognitive Behavior Therapy


Family therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy can be an effective treatment with families in conflict. It is suitable for families in family therapy through structured sessions that assist family members in problem solving, relationship building, self-education, and self-monitoring. Since children and youth can be supported to increase their positive behaviours within the family setting, the benefits of therapy can be increased when the family is included in the therapy.

What Happens in Sessions?

Family therapy sessions include setting an agenda of important topics to help with, a review of the week’s events, mood checks, homework to practice new skills after the session, and feedback so next meeting we can do more of what is a good fit just for you.

Family members contribute to what they believe is important in obtaining help from the therapist. The first thoughts that come before an upset are examined to test their reality and truth, and the individuals decide what to keep in their belief system, and what to change in order to behave more effectively. Unhealthy thinking is seen as affecting feelings and behaviours, so awareness of our automatic thoughts can be practiced and reinforced within the family unit.

Education on monitoring our emotions closely, as well as social and relationship skills can be done between sessions. Feedback from each family member is important in making sure the therapy is a good fit for each individual.

As family therapy progresses the family takes more responsibility for deciding how treatment will be carried out, what they want to practice between sessions, and when they feel they are able to decrease the frequency of meetings with the therapist. Eventually, the family is responsible for maintaining positive changes, with occasional booster sessions which help to avoid relapse to negative thinking patterns.

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