Face to face therapy occurs when a therapist provides care to support a client in reaching their goals in a private and confidential setting. The therapist uses empathetic listening to understand the client’s perspective and facilitate change toward action. Often clients give a weekly update and rate their feelings in order to determine what they can most benefit from help with during the session. They can share with a therapist more deeply than they can with family and friends because the client doesn’t need to worry they are burdening a loved one, the therapist is a professional used to helping those in need. The counsellor can read the client’s meaning face to face with the help of body language and tone of voice. Face to face therapy provides a warm, comfortable, supportive atmosphere for change.

Therapy can be offered in a variety of formats to suit your needs. Perhaps you would like face to face therapy with some phone support, or want to use email for between session questions. Whatever your preference we can find a way to provide therapy to suit you.