What Is Email Therapy?

Email therapy is offered through our Privacemail software to ensure secure and confidential delivery of care. The client writes an email describing their concerns, and the therapist responds to the email offering support and guidance to work toward our collaborative goals.

Email therapy offers the client several distinct advantages over face to face. The anonymity of the client is ensured since the client need not meet at an office. Email therapy clients enjoy and benefit from printing the transcript of their sessions to review and add to their positive changes so there is less reviewing and loss of information between sessions. Email therapy is handy because the client can write their concerns while they are in the moment, 24 hours a day, rather than having to retell what they experienced after the fact. The reflective nature of email therapy allows the client, and therapist alike, to spend time in thought while reviewing the transcript before responding so the flow of therapy can be changed to ideally suit the individual and their unique goals and needs. Email therapy is culturally sensitive and relays empathy.

Try email therapy today and receive bundle discounts should you learn to enjoy this method of care.

Example of E-Therapy

E-therapy is ideally suited for work with survivors of trauma who are more comfortable using technology.

Clients with trauma histories may feel safer in E-Therapy.

Sasha (Client): My family has very traditional, conservative values, but I was born here in Canada and sometimes I feel like I am trapped within my family values because they do not let me be.

Jenny (Cybertherapist): I also come from a traditional, conservative family with strong values. My family emigrated from what is now called Croatia, and their collectivist values reflect unity and also harshness of the mother country. Do we share any of this in common????

Structured Feedback from Sasha

    • How did you feel when you read this segmentAfter I read this segment, I did not feel isolated anymore. It was like a relief to see that someone actually gets me, and that cultural differences do matter. I felt that I had some soft cushion to fall back to. When she asked me if we had some cultural values in common, again, I did not feel so strange anymore. This therapist actually
    • experienced
    • something like this, and she is my therapist!!!
    • I feel like I could learn so much from her. Maybe she could give me some tips on how to balance this clash of cultures and expectations. I felt safe and contained.

Where did your thoughts go?

Well, I thought…if she made it, so can I. Having a strict family is not fun, but when you can find the support you need elsewhere, well….you are getting support, right? In my case, getting the support I need from someone who had similar experiences is great. My thoughts shifted from “I will never be able to get out this situation” to “This will be only a matter of time.” Jenny gave me the courage to keep trying and fighting for what I want.

What was the impact on you?

It was eye-opening for me to see that I am not the only one who is going through this kind of situation. A lot of people out there are struggling as well. I guess I have a new found perspective. I think that, yeah, I still have to “suck it up”, but I just need to learn how to deal with my father better and negotiate with him.

Why do you think it impacted you that way?

Well…I am so used to being told what to do, that I never paid attention to my own needs. Jenny mentioned “assertiveness” as one of the skills that she would teach me, and I think that impacted me the most. I have not been assertive, but submissive all my life…and yes, I get that I have been a minor longer that I have been an adult, but still…I think it is time to stand up for myself and stand my ground. I do not want to be disrespectful of my dad, but he needs to understand that I am not a child anymore and that I have needs. I feel more empowered now.

Live Text Chat Therapy
We offer live text chat therapy similar to email therapy except it is done at a designated session time so we can meet and you can receive immediate feedback for your concerns. The drawback is that you need to wait for your session, but you may opt to use some email therapy as well so you can also send messages in the moment between our live text chat sessions. This service is excellent because it ensures the client’s anonymity because you need not come into the office, and you may print your session transcript through our secure Privacemail server to reflect on your growth and individual goals between sessions.

Online Video Therapy
We offer live text chat therapy similar to Skype, but through a secure server VSEE.

You may prefer to see your therapist as you tell your story, and receive immediate feedback at a scheduled sessions. You may also choose to use Online Video Therapy in conjunction with our email therapy, your therapy will be tailored to your preferences!

Phone Therapy
Another service that is personal and designed to provide added support is our pre-scheduled phone sessions. You can schedule your session in our wiki and I will call you at our designated time and set aside a full 60 minutes to address your concerns and help work together with you toward your goals. Phone therapy can also be used in conjunction with our other types of therapies to meet your individual preferences!

Face to Face Therapy
We offer local face to face therapy. This service is excellent for families with children or youth who require care supplemented with nonverbal contact to provide support and empathy towards fulfilling your goals together.

In-home Family Therapy is an excellent way to address the issues in the context they are occuring within the family system, so the client feels support within their home and so that positive change can be practiced right in the environment where it is often difficult.

Contact me today to set up a home visit at your convenience!